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■Talent concept: equal competition, superior bad discard, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, develop people

Equality, this is as the capital of people's pursuit. With such an environment and atmosphere, competition also is fair. On the talents growth, people's hope that also.

Sunny with this in mind, the equal competition, superior bad discard, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, men as a talent concept, the purpose is to follow the rules of talent growth of normal, everybody is in a common competition on the starting line, instituting, LieZhe;

Not demanding at the same time, the talents, developing its length, its short, while give full play to their role in helping them grow better. With such a talented person, such talents growth environment, also can achieve the goal of men; In zijin person, also can form all looking forward to success, all can become a good atmosphere, into the virtuous cycle.

Company always adhere to the "development and employee share" concept, in the protection of pay levels have a certain competitiveness, on the basis of continuous construction characteristic of the welfare system. In addition to the statutory benefits, the implementation of the elastic vacation, welfare housing, medium and long term incentive and added benefits such as gold and supplementary medical insurance plans, give full play to the welfare of employees 。

  Professional technology
Sincere service

Be have a certain influence 、follow nternationalization


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