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■Promotion mechanism
Sanli industry to provide employees with fair, just and open platform for the career development, set up administrative office, business and professional technical position three career paths. Promotion is given priority to with open an administrative management position; Business and professional title promotion will be subject to system, promotion of integral mainly comes from personal learning promotion, growth performance, professional achievements, awards honor, special contribution, etc.

■Ability to ascend
Training system Through the system of training, improve the staff's ability quality, is an important part of sanli industrial talent development. In recent years, sanli industry continue to increase investment in staff training, three levels of the existing training system (i.e., group, unit, department), on the basis of building echelon personnel CULTIVATION experiment base in the whole world, constantly explore new CULTIVATION mechanism. Group headquarters a year for each unit, at all levels of employees to open training series project, provides the high quality training services.

■Performance growth
Sanli industrial building is given priority to with assessment of economic responsibility system, post 360 degrees quantitative assessment and ability quality KPI assessment of employee performance appraisal system, the performance of the employees in a fair, impartial and open evaluation, to promote the growth of the enterprise and employee performance. Group of staff performance appraisal results as a promotion and pay maintenance, recommendation PingXian main basis, widely mobilize staff's work enthusiasm, fully embodies the principle of work more.
  Professional technology
Sincere service

Be have a certain influence 、follow nternationalization


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